At Gether Contemporary in Copenhagen, DK

31 March to 13 May 2017

Bright blue, red or orange towering shapes bend or askew. In a multitude of forms and colours the sculptural works of Amalie Jakobsen take charge of the room they inhabit in her new solo exhibition WRONGDOERS at Gether Contemporary. With their twisting and turning shapes they break with the rectangular formal lines of architecture bending perspectives and creating an uneven and dynamic state around them.

The triangular shape plays a central role in her works as it becomes an unnatural element in our habitual spaces. As a reference point the triangle is unbalanced and jarring, directing our attention to the proportionate nature of our surroundings and the urban framework we live in.

Amalie Jakobsen uses colour almost as propaganda. Whether to scare us off or to lure us closer, colour plays a central role in visual communication. Flags of nations, commercials, warning signs and so on make use of our unconscious reaction to colour. In spite of slight cultural and social differences in the use of colours in visual communication from signs in streels to coca cola commercial reads globally. But by leaving figuration completely out of the equation Jakobsen only hints at intent leaving interpretation and understanding completely free and up to the emotions and preconceptions of the beholder.