Rethinking Media
Paola Angelini, Amalie Jakobsen and Øyvind Sørfjordmo
Galleri Brandstrup in Oslo, No
November 1-17 2018

Optical Depth
The wall installation replicates an anechoic chamber at European Space Agency: a room covered with pyramidal absorbers designed to completely absorb reflections of electromagnetic waves. The anechoic chamber is for the testing of flat panel antenna arrays, array topologies and antenna subsystems for satellites and spaceships.

Escaping atmosphere
Aluminum, acrylic paint and synthetic Mars soil based on data collected by the robot Curiosity Rover on Mars since 2012 by NASA,

Meteor Shower
Aluminium, acrylic paint and synthetic meteoroid soil based on the meteor that fell down in France in 1885.

Super Void, 2018
Aluminum, acrylic paint, spray primer